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Poem – The Return

If Jesus returned to Earth tomorrow, Would your heart rejoice or be full of sorrow? Will you belong to the King of kings,

Poem – The End

I had a dream that darkness came To our world filled with hidden shame. It came so fast, there was no time.

Poem – Trust in The Lord

“Trust in the science” I hear them say; Over and over, day after day. A slogan to lure in the fearful and lost;

Poem – The Only Way

Designer labels on all our clothes, Hypnotising TV shows, Houses, cars, exotic vacations, Manifesting affirmations

The Way to Heaven

There is just one God and he is a Holy God. He created the world full of beauty with evidence of intelligent design everywhere. He also made us in his image to know him and be in fellowship with Him and each other in harmony.

The Beginning and the End

In these latter times, the serpent is speaking to us through the mainstream media in the form of fear-generating propaganda.  I’ve depicted the serpent in a coiled composition similar to that of a

My Testimony

In January 2018, I’d reached a point in my life where I felt ridiculously lost. I was living in a city that didn’t feel like home but nowhere felt like home. My work seemed meaningless. The only thing I had left in common with my