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The Beatitudes

It was whilst reading the Beatitudes and the rest of The Sermon on the mount for the first time that I came to the realisation that I was very broken and in desperate need of forgiveness. I knew in a moment that these words were true and that the Bible was true and I had been running from it my whole life. I could see that my version of morality, which was socially acceptable in this world, was in the gutter when held up to God’s perfect morality.


Receiving forgiveness was like the weight of the world being lifted from my shoulders. I felt the indescribable love of God for the first time. I’ve never been the same since. I no longer have any desire to live like I did before. Nothing this world has to offer compares to the feeling of being a child of God. The paintings in the video were created in an attempt to express the dramatic inner spiritual changes since the day I became a follower of Jesus Christ.

The Way, The Truth and The Life

A sequence of bible verses stitched together with paintings I created in the last year or so as world events continued to reveal the soon coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Journey from Darkness to Light


In December 2018, I had an almighty awakening when I was born again after giving my life to Jesus Christ. These paintings were created as an attempt to express what had happened inside of me and that journey from darkness to the amazing light of Jesus.


Being a follower of Jesus is not a religion. It’s a one to one relationship with our creator. Life is so much more meaningful, spiritual and joyous with Jesus than without Him. He heals, strengthens, fills our hearts overflowing with peace and becomes the one friend that we can completely rely on.

The Return of The Lord


A sequence of bible verses together with paintings I created in the last year or so as world events continued to reveal the soon coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Jesus is coming back soon. Please accept HIM as your Lord and saviour. Today is the day of salvation, the hour is late and tomorrow is not promised. These are the “days of Noah”, please enter the ark of salvation which is JESUS CHRIST, before the seven year tribulation unfolds.


“Because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes and is justified, and with the mouth one confesses and is saved.” Romans 10:9-10