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About Me

I am an artist originally from Edinburgh and currently based in East Sussex, England. My paintings are inspired by Bible verses, stories and parables and the beauty of God’s creation. I became a Christian in December 2018 after a profound spiritual experience.


My creative history consists of commercial illustration, painting murals, bespoke canvases for businesses and 3D character design. In January 2018, I gave up commercial work in favour of creating my own paintings using traditional methods with oil paints or acrylics on canvas.


Wildlife and landscapes were my preferred subject matters but trying to unlock my creative voice was hampered by a lack of confidence. It prevented me from leaping out of my comfort zone and painting from the heart.


In December of that same year, I descended into a ‘rock bottom’ emotional state and that is where I had my first encounter with Jesus Christ. My full testimony surrounding that event can be read here in my blog.


I was liberated from the perpetually accumulating weight of my past. My spirit felt light and the empty void in my heart was filled. I had received the amazing free gift of salvation and was lifted out of dark spiritual blindness into the light and love of Jesus.


Equipped with a dramatically new perspective, my artist block lifted with immediate effect. I acquired a new desire to share my experiences in order to glorify God and attempt to counter the many misrepresentations of Christianity that I had previously been swayed by.


My paintings contrast darkness and light, enslavement and freedom, storm and peace and lost and found. The current political climate in the world has also motivated me to explore biblical prophecy. Despite all the turmoil and confusion in these uncertain times, amazing peace and freedom of mind, soul and spirit can be felt through the presence of the Holy Spirit and that is what I aim to communicate through my paintings.

Limited Edition Giclèe Prints

A large selection of limited edition giclèe prints are available for purchase in my shop. Prints are made using archival quality inks and high quality, matte fine art paper. Each one is hand-signed and numbered in paint. If you have any queries about any of the artworks whether that be prints or originals, please get in touch via my contact page. I am happy to answer any questions.


I hope you enjoy browsing my website. Blessings to you all.