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The Beginning and the End
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The Beginning and the End

Eve and the Serpent painting

“Then the serpent said to the woman, “You will not surely die.” Genesis 3:4


The idea of painting Eve in the Garden of Eden with the serpent emerged whilst watching a great deception unfold in our world today.  In the beginning, Eve was tricked and humanity fell.  In these latter times, the serpent is speaking to us through the mainstream media in the form of fear generating propaganda.  I’ve depicted the serpent in a coiled composition similar to that of a standard pharmacy logo.


“and the light of a lamp will shine in you no more, and the voice of bridegroom and bride will be heard in you no more, for your merchants were the great ones of the earth, and all nations were deceived by your sorcery.” Revelation 18:23


The word ‘sorcery’ was translated from the Greek, ‘pharmakia’ which is where we get our word pharmacy.  Examples of the biblical use of ‘pharmakia’ are the use of drugs, witchcraft, poisoning or magical arts connected with idolatry. Western civilisation has largely turned its back on God and worships all manner of idols with ‘science’ taking the number one slot and has been in moral decline ever since.  There are many examples in the Bible of what happens to a society when it shuns The Creator and His blessings for man-made false gods. They become enslaved or destroyed.


“Follow the science” and, “the science says” are phrases we hear daily as if science is an autonomous being.  As the population at large places all their faith in science to perform modern-day sorcery “pharmakia” to keep them safe, our liberties are being systematically stripped away and many are eager to be guinea pigs for an insufficiently tested, potentially DNA altering injection. The masses are being deceived into accepting an assault on their own immune systems on a global scale. At the same time governments across the world, operating in lockstep with each other, are drawing up plans for health passports which will exclude those of us who refuse the jab from being able to participate in society with Israel leading the way. So where is this heading?


 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.  Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.” Revelation 13:16-18


So are we living in biblical times?  There’s a strong likelihood we are. There are many world events that are tying in with biblical prophecy at this moment. The Abraham Accord peace deals, the push towards a one-world government and the mass falling away from the faith.  End times is not something to be afraid of if you choose to become a born again, child of God. He will free you from all fear and replace it with comfort, peace and hope. When we are spiritually reborn, we are no longer citizens of this world but become citizens of Heaven.


“But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. Philipians 3:20

“Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10


Faith in Jesus is something that happens upon the discovery of the truth in God’s Word. We are brought into the presence of our perfect and Holy God and become humbled, realising that we are indeed sinners in need of a saviour.  All of us fall short of the Glory of God but He will grant anyone who calls out to Him from the heart the amazing gift of grace, mercy and forgiveness. He will also send His Holy Spirit to live with you to comfort, strengthen and protect you.


“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness” 1 John 1:9


Humanity fell a long time ago resulting in a world with endless wars, corruption, cheating, perversion and death.  Despite this, our Father made a way for us to be reconciled back to Him because He loves us.  He gave His Son Jesus to die on the cross, taking the punishment that we deserve upon Himself. Three days later, Jesus was resurrected so that we may also defeat death should we accept Him as our Saviour. There is nothing we can do to earn salvation. Jesus did it all on the cross. All we have to do is believe. Jesus is the only way back to our Father and eternal life.


“Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6


Many find Jesus being the only way offensive but don’t let offence become a wall between you and a breathtaking destiny.  This life is a mere grain of sand when compared to eternity’s every grain of sand on every beach and desert in the world.  It’s not wise to simply choose a believe system off the shelf when so much is at stake.  Make a decision to find the truth.  Pick up a Bible with an open heart and mind and ask Jesus to reveal Himself to you as you read the New Testament.


“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.  For everyone who asks receives, and the one who seeks finds, and to the one who knocks it will be opened.” Matthew 7:7-8


Never in a million years did I ever imagine that I’d become a Christian but it’s the best decision I ever made.  I associated it with stuffy boring religion but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  It’s not a religion.  It’s a direct, one to one relationship with your creator who has an ocean of love for you.  It took a great deal of internal suffering before I would dip my toe into Christianity.  Don’t leave it till then. Time is short. Jesus is coming back soon, in fact, He’s at the door.

The Only Door