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Eve and the Serpent painting Heavens Gates painting The Armour of God Baby Jesus and Mary Harvest Angel


This collection is a little eclectic but they all have biblical themes. My personal favourite is Eve and the Serpent. It feels evermore relevant today in this era of worldwide deception. I have deliberately positioned the snake as a coil similar to a pharmacy logo. In the Book of Revelation 18:23, it says “for your merchants were the great ones of the earth, and all nations were deceived by your sorcery.” The word sorcery in the Bible was translated from the Greek word ‘pharmakeia.’  This is where the word pharmacy originates from. 


But the serpent said to the woman, “You will not surely die.” Genesis 3:4


More information about these paintings together with their stories can be found in my shop where originals and limited edition giclèe prints are available to purchase.


Christian Art

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