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Poem – Trust in The Lord
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Poem – Trust in The Lord

“Trust in the science” I hear them say;
Over and over, day after day.
A slogan to lure in the fearful and lost;
But false god worship comes at a great cost.


Hearts are failing in the young and the old;
But keep your eyes closed and do as you’re told.
What lies behind the god of science;
Is greed, deceit and forced compliance.


So I will put my trust in the Lord,
The King of Kings, whose Word is a sword,
My father of truth, justice and love,
A mighty warrior and gentle dove.


Incredible peace as I bow down to pray.
Filled with His Spirit, my fears melt away,
Jesus Christ is the one who saves;
But false gods turn us into slaves.


The world’s system is breaking apart;
And testing is coming to each person’s heart.
Hardship and trouble awakens the soul;
To reach out to God, making us whole.


When Jesus comes back to rescue His own,
Will you be with Him or left all alone?
Call out His name, repent of your sins,
Give Him your heart and your new life begins.


So enter into The Father’s rest,
And you will be eternally blessed.
Time is short; don’t leave it too long,
Together with God is where you belong.