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Poem – Insignificant Nobody
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Poem – Insignificant Nobody

If I cried to God, would He hear me?
An insignificant nobody.
A broken misfit thrown away,
A wandering sheep who’d gone astray.


The world no longer feels like home.
Most heads buried in a phone,
Declaring corrupt ideas as kind.
Please God don’t leave me behind.


The heavy weight in my heart strained.
It could no longer be contained.
Every regret, pain and sorrow,
Poured forth like there’s no tomorrow.


I prayed through tears with honesty,
And God’s love filled this ‘nobody’
His blood washed all my sins away.
To top it all, He’s here to stay.


I cried to God and He heard me
A rebellious, sinful nobody.
But since He entered my heart’s door,
My heart’s desire is ‘sin no more.


I sought the Lord and He answered me.
He crushed my fears and set me free,
And though the whole world falls apart,
The Spirit of God lives in my heart.